Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Young Girl's Poem

I just read this poem written by a co-worker's daughter, Maxine Melnick . . . she is 12 years old now but wrote this poem when she was only 10 !! . . . it's beautiful . . .

“My Silver Seagull”

Silver seagull, Gliding like a Little motorboat,
In his lonely, sparkling Lake.

Watching, staring at his Reflection, two of him
I can see, but he Can see only me.

No one with him Except for me,
His reflection too, But that is all. Empty.

One small thing, in Such a big, big world.
Him and me in perfect Harmony.

Now me, just Watching, staring, as quiet
As can be, at silver seagull, My silver seagull.

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