Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Young Girl's Poem

I just read this poem written by a co-worker's daughter, Maxine Melnick . . . she is 12 years old now but wrote this poem when she was only 10 !! . . . it's beautiful . . .

“My Silver Seagull”

Silver seagull, Gliding like a Little motorboat,
In his lonely, sparkling Lake.

Watching, staring at his Reflection, two of him
I can see, but he Can see only me.

No one with him Except for me,
His reflection too, But that is all. Empty.

One small thing, in Such a big, big world.
Him and me in perfect Harmony.

Now me, just Watching, staring, as quiet
As can be, at silver seagull, My silver seagull.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Mosaic

Trying this mosaic idea was suggested by my daughter-in-law, Isis, several weeks ago on her blog . . . so I decided today I would give it a try . . . she said it was a nice way to unwind . . .
I found myself thinking of a lot of different things from my life as I chose the photos . . . it was really interesting . . .
Here's my mosaic . . . I have a feeling it would turn out differently if I did it again another day . . . somehow I think it tunes in to your mood as you do it . . .